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Used Cars South Africa


Shopping for used cars South Africa requires you to be

way smarter than the dealer or private person selling

the vehicle.

Used cars South Africa, how to buy a used car

Used cars South Africa is huge business, unfortunately there are some shady characters out there, get one up on them when buying used cars South Africa

used cars south africa And since used cars sold by private sellers, and even some dealerships, don't come with warranties you should definitely do your homework when buying used cars South Africa.

Besides doing the obvious like checking the car's VIN for the car's history, there are a number of other things you should check before buying  used cars South Africa.


  • After you have set up an appointment to check a used car from a private seller, make sure you arrive between 15 and 30 minutes earlier than time. This way you can check if there are last minute repairs being done or anything funny happening.


  • Do a drive-by to see if the car is being worked on and, if so, what is being worked on, is it something under the bonnet, under the car, or are they just giving it a good wash and shine? Don't buy used cars South Africa that have not been cleaned, it just means the owner doesn't really care about you the buyer or his car.


  •  Make sure you set up an appointment with the seller to check the car in the morning before it has been moved from where it stood overnight. Checking the car in the morning will allow you to spot any oil leaks. Also you can start it while it's still cold to make sure it doesn't smoke excessively and starts easily.


  • Then after you drive the car and park it make sure you wait a few minutes to check for any leaks, if do spot a leak when buying used cars South Africa then it's time to either walk away or negotiate a way better price.


  • Also, bring someone else with you when checking a used car so when you start the car have a friend stand outside the back of the car to check the tailpipe for signs of smoke.


These are just some of things you need to be on the lookout for. Thanks for stopping by and take a look around, you will find plenty of advice and info on buying used cars South Africa

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