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Bmw 4 Series Coupe Price South Africa

bmw 4 series coupe price south africa

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bmw 4 series coupe release date latest car bmw 4 series coupe price south africa 620x387
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bmw 4 series coupe price south africa

bmw 4 series coupe price south africa

bmw 4 series coupe price south africa
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2 Responses to Bmw 4 Series Coupe Price South Africa

  1. Monde Sibisi

    Can someone please advise me if it is a good idea to purchase the new Nissan Infiniti SUV?
    I am a 23 year old South African, my mother is actually looking at buying an SUV at the end of September so she asked me for advise. The reason why I’m asking is because the Infiniti is new to South Africa and I don’t know a thing about it. I’m tied between the BMW X6, Mercedes ML350 and the Audi Q5/7

    • John

      Infiniti is a well established luxury manufacturer in North America and it is also available in more the 55 countries world wide. It is a Japanese Manufacturer as well as the Luxury arm of Nissan the same way Lexus is to Toyota & Audi is to Volkswagen. The Infiniti competes in the luxury market primarily rivaling BMW, Audi, Lexus & Mercedes Benz. Infiniti was first founded in 1989 and it continues to be a successful luxury manufacturer in the Auto Industry. Internationally, pricing will differ in different countries but more often priced competetively with its rivals. However, even though Infiniti comes from Nissan, Infiniti is now partners with Mercedes Benz which means its next Generation of the Infiniti G will be based off the Mercedes C-class platform with a longer wheel base. Many similar collaborations with Mercedes Benz & Infiniti will begin to show in thier product line by 2013. Over all, Infiniti is the most competitve rival up against the Germans in the Japanese segment which include Lexus as well. Infiniti has been the only manufacturer that has been able to come to par with the excellent driving dynamics of a BMW which is why Infiniti receives more cross shoppers from BMW then any other luxury brand they compete with. Infiniti is a brand with an identity that lies between the sportier offerings of a BMW and the plush indulgence of a Lexus. After all the Infiniti is the main alternative to German engineering. Typically the Infiniti brand attracts a much younger clientele due to its sports oriented background the same way BMW & Audi intend to be all while its competitors like Lexus & Mercedes attract a much older demographic. Infiniti and Lexus have proven themselves to be viable competitors against the Germans. Lexus & Infiniti are the top tier of Japanese Luxury cars in the auto industry. Lexus is a reliable product but admittedly they have no soul when it comes to performance, the Infiniti boast more charisma while the Lexus although a refined car leaves you feeling uninspired. Infiniti is essentially the Japanese BMW the same way Lexus is the Japanese Mercedes Benz. Also in terms of reliability the Infiniti has a huge advatage over the germans, not to mention the Infiniti is less demanding to maintain compared to some of its German rivals. From the options listed below, the BMW X6 competes with the Infiniti FX while the smaller Audi Q3 competes with the smaller Infiniti EX. The Audi Q7 here in America competes with the Infiniti JX however the JX is not available in South Africa as of yet. The only models available to South Africa are the Infiniti G coupe, G convertible, M sedan, EX suv & FX suv.

      Here are the competitors for the following Infiniti Models.

      1. Infiniti G coupe: Audi A5 coupe, BMW 3 series coupe, Mercedes C-class coupe

      2. Infiniti G convertible: Audi A5 convertible, BMW 3 series convertible, Lexus ISc convertible, Mercedes E-class convertible.

      3. Infiniti M sedan: Audi A6 sedan, BMW 5 series sedan, Lexus GS sedan, Mercedes E-class sedan, Jaguar XF sedan.

      4. Infiniti EX suv: Audi Q5, BMW X3, Lexus RX, Mercedes GLK-class, Land Rover LR2

      5. Infiniti FX suv: Porsche Cayenne, BMW X6, Ranger Rover Evoque

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