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Buy Second Hand Cars

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Its Now Easy To Buy And Sell Second Hand Cars And Bikes. Use Olx Free Classifieds!

Many people whether car dealers or actual owners of vehicles are now relying on Free Classifieds sites like OLX, to find potential buyers for their vehicles. Buyers are searching

The ad posting process is very simple and it takes very little time to post an ad if you have the information ready with you.

First you choose the city you want to list the item in, and then choose the right category. For example if you are in Mumbai or Bangalore, you can go directly to or . There are more than 1000 cities on India which have their own dedicated page.

The Vehicles category on OLX is has the list of categories you can choose to list in.

The important step of the posting process is to have a Title to the ad and a Description that details your car or bike completely. A good title and description will help people find your ad on OLX as well as on search engines quickly and easily. So, instead of Honda City for Sale, you will find more views if the Ad Title would be 2006 Black Honda City ZX-EXI For Sale, Fully Loaded, Owner Driven

The description should be as comprehensive as possible. Theres no limit on the number of words you can put unlike print classifieds, so you could provide the complete details on the car including accessories, insurance, condition, service record etc. You can look at this ad as it has photos from front, back and interiors and a description with accessories available. Still the ad poster could use more space and keep the description less cluttered

If you are not looking to sell, but buy, OLX also gives you the option to clarify that with a check box I am looking to Buy and the ad will be categorized as Wanted ad. Isnt that great?

You need to give a valid email ID. This is important for buyers to contact you and also for you to update, modify, re publish and manage your ad (s) in My OLX .

You can also specify if you are an Individual or a Business. People prefer to deal with Individuals, because they feel that they will get a better condition car and a better price also

There are lots of optional information that can be given while posting your OLX ad
oMultiple photos can be uploaded. Its advisable to put photos from different angles front, side and back and also show the car from interior. The buyer can a good sense of the car without physically inspecting the car

oA video of the car can also be uploaded, which could be very useful as it will give a better feel of the car, engine sound etc

oPhone numbers it is good to provide this number also, but sometimes you may ask the buyer to contact you on email only

oOther details of the car, like Make, Model, Type of Car, Year, Mileage, and condition can also be highlighted in pre defined boxes

There are a lot of buyers who flock OLX to look for deals on cars and bikes in their city. Its a good idea to be there in front of the buyers. Also, the ad posted on OLX also comes up on top on search engines where buyer also starts their search sometimes. So if you are a seller of used car or bike, do go and post your ad on OLX. Its Free and its Easy. And if you are looking to buy a second hand car, then look for thousands of cars listed on OLX every week and you will definitely find the car or bike of your dreams. Happy Searching!

About the Author:
OLX offers free online classified ads in India. OLX is the next generation of free online classifieds. It provides a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing, and meeting people near you. For more information contact us via email at or call us at 212-894-4604.

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buy second hand cars

buy second hand cars

buy second hand cars
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4 Responses to Buy Second Hand Cars

  1. Yasasvini

    where can we buy second hand cars in hyderabad?
    hi…. my dad is kinda out of health these days. so we’ve planned to buy a car at low cost because we can’t afford a new one. a second hand will do. I’ve talked to many people but couldn’t get the right info. so if anyone knows anything please let me know. n i don’t prefer online marketing. just tell places in hyderabad where i could get a car.

    • Indermohan

      talk to person of
      who deal car sale purchase
      or see clasified add in news paper on for car (motor) sales!

      else talk to car mechanics near by u!
      that u want a car and offer him commission or tell him that i will reward you if u show me cheap and best car!

  2. Dannielle Mcdonald

    what are good websites to buy second hand cars?
    i have tried ebay but i dont want to bid i just want to buy a car straight away does any one no any websites wer i can do this by the way i live in england ??? thanks in advance :) xx

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