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Why are There No Limos in Kenya

One thing about limos is that they are noticed and are wealthy enough to meet some of the costs that hiring limos would bring. In Kenya the limo rental industry is not vibrant. There are only few executive limos in the country.

Exactly why are there such few limos in Kenya? One of the reasons why the limo industry in Kenya is not vibrant is because the people of this country are not ready to pay the high prices that renting a limo can generate. A limo like the Hummer H2 is likely to leave your pockets echoing. This is because the limo is too expensive for an ordinary Kenyan citizen.

Many Kenyans have poor paying jobs, so hiring a limo for a birthday party would mean working for several months to meet the cost of hiring a limo for the whole day. Most Kenyans are always busy hustling and searching to put food on the table so having thinking about hiring a limo would not enter their minds. After all, the limo requires a lot of money to get it. You can find few limos maybe during wedding parties and they are not really the best limos that you can think of.

I know many would like to be seen in the streets of Nairobi riding fancy and luxurious limos and having smartly dressed chauffeurs opening doors for them but they do not have the ability to pay for the limo. Money is really a great hindrance for majority of them.

Again many of the Kenyans have tight budgets that do not allow them to go out of their way and hire limos for just a stag night or even that wedding; this would probably mean spending some hungry nights because you went out of your way to hire a limo for that occasion. So they really have to stick to their budgets and think of something like a limo in the following year. This means that they have to start planning for that limo at this time. The industry players really have to wait for long periods before they get a client to hire their limos and this means loss for them.

The business of starting limos is also expensive and requires a lot of capital to put up. No one is ready to invest in an industry that is not bringing good interest at the end of every month.

The fuel prices in Kenya are also very high and some of these limos consume a lot of fuel so investing in this industry would mean meeting the challenge of the sky rocketing fuel prices. Limousines like the Hummer H2 really consume a lot of fuel. Who is ready to fuel these vehicles?

Do not forget that there are the chauffeurs who have to be paid at the end of the month. What will happen if there were no clients for the whole of that month? Not forgetting that you have to pay the office rent plus another thousand obligations.

Some of these vehicles are just normal cars transformed into limousines. They are also very expensive and luxurious. They are also not very common in Kenya. This means that their spare parts are not very common. You have to import them from the manufacturer of the car or the limo. This is another cost added on top of other costs.

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cars for sale in bloemfontein

cars for sale in bloemfontein

cars for sale in bloemfontein
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