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Right Hand Drive Cars 4 X 4 In Dubai Rules That Let You Rule Off-roads In Dubai

It can be a challenge to drive cars in Dubai and it might be intimidating for new ones. There are around 180 different nationalities who love to own right hand drive cars in Dubai. All of them come with their own abilities and habits to cope with right hand drive 4x4 and other types of cars in Dubai. Expatriates arriving form western countries may feel the roads chaotic. On the other hand, people from Asian or Arab regions feel it quite organized. With some basic knowledge of local driving regulations, coupled with some experience behind the wheel in Dubai, proficient drivers should soon undergo a comfort when they are driving cars on the roads of Dubai.

To own a license to take right hand drive cars in Dubai one should be a resident in Dubai. Most of the people arrive in Dubai on visit visa; therefore they only have the chance to rent a vehicle initially and so until they get a resident visa process completed. To get a right hand drive 4x4 or any other car in Dubai you should have an International Driving Permit and a driving license from the home country. There are various popular car rental agencies in Dubai including Avis, Budget Car Rentals, and Western Auto RHD car rentals. If you wish to drive a private car in Dubai then you may have an option to get a Temporary Driving License which is valid for 6 months and it is issued from Traffic Police Station in Dubai.

You must get a local driving license after you have Dubai resident visa, otherwise you can no longer use an international or temporary permit to drive a car in Dubai. People from European regions, America, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand and South Korea can get a local license just by showing their own driving license after completing some paperwork. People from other nations should have to take driving lessons from the institute available at license centers like Dubai Driving Center, Emirates Driving Institute, Belhasa Driving Center, and the like. Then they have to pass a test for which the driving institute can help in arranging an appointment with the Dubai Traffic Department.

After having residency visa one can have a RHD cars in Dubai or any other car of his or her choice. The major makes available at the car dealers in UAE, with Right hand drive 4x4, and Japanese models being especially popular. You can find used RHD cars at 4x4 Motors, Al Futaim, Western Auto RHD and Sun City motors. Classified for Used Dubai cars is the best way to yield best results.

Once you have a car in Dubai, it is necessary to know the local rules, drive defensively and be vigilant behind the wheels. Cars in Dubai are left hand drive with traffic on the right, so while driving in Dubai you should stick to furthest right lane. Driving on the left lane on slow speed may let you find another vehicle alarming close to your rear bumper honking its horn and flashing it high beams. It is not unusual to change lanes abruptly without indicating, to slowly coast by stop signs instead of coming to a break, and to honk their horns loudly the instant the light goes green at the signal. Pedestrians are also darting often across the street and there is a need to be watched for. Some times back an automated toll system called Salik, was mounted on some specific roadways for the purpose of reducing traffic congestion.

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cars for sale south africa

cars for sale south africa

cars for sale south africa
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  1. Some Architect student

    how much would it cost me to import a car that cost 7500 euro from greece to south africa?
    I want to buy a 2004 Audi s4 that is for sale and the guy selling the car wants 7500 euros for the vechile . I would just like to find out what it would cost me to import the vechile from greece to port elizebeth in south africa . Any help will be appreciated .

    • mjlehman023

      Should be about 3000 dollars for the container plus a few hundred for the block and brace.

      * Australia

      TARIFF RESOURCES: Australian Customs or 2007 Tariff Schedule from International Customs Tariffs Bureau. The duty is applied on the FOB value.

      TAX: There is a 10 percent goods and services tax applied on FOB + duty.

  2. iLUVpinkSOX & GALACTICfireflies!

    How can I find a second-hand AUTOMATIC car for sale in Bloemfontein, South Africa?
    I am looking to buy a second-hand AUTOMATIC car in good condition for around R30 000. I am situated in Bloemfontein, so it would be great if I could find something in Bloem or nearby.

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