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Cheapest New Cars In South Africa

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Visit Alaska And Enjoy The Cheapest Vacation Within Your Budget

Are you feeling dull and stressed because of the busy city life and want to go for a vacation? The best place to relax from all these is "Alaska".

Most people love to go on a vacation but almost all are worried about the cost of their vacation. Each and every year the cost of traveling is flying high. Visiting a foreign place is a dream for several people even today. The only place that you feel to visit for the second time is surely the Alaska, you will surely love to go there and experience it again and again.

So, what is that greatness about Alaska that makes many people visit it again and again?

People who have not visited "Alaska" think that it is a place that is covered with snow all over the year, so you will have less activity to do. Some people even think that spending a vacation there is really boring so, they do not even think of planning a vacation there. But this is not true.

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10 cheapest new cars in america nissan versa 1 cnnmoney cheapest new cars in south africa 620x379
10 cheapest new cars in america nissan versa 1 cnnmoney image by

cheapest new cars in south africa

cheapest new cars in south africa

cheapest new cars in south africa
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4 Responses to Cheapest New Cars In South Africa

  1. hayden5650

    Can you buy a cheap car in South Africa?
    I am planning on driving my way through a few southern African countries in June/July. I’ll likely be arriving at Johannesburg International so would like to buy a car in Gauteng.
    Here in New Zealand you can buy a perfectly good late 80′s early 90′s car for $1,500, or about R8000.
    I’ve had a bit of a look round on the internet, and it seems even the poorest condition cars in South Africa are incredibly expensive?? what is with this??
    I’d really appreciate it if a South African local could give some advice. Thanks.

    • Helen

      I agree, you are probably better off hiring a car or even a campervan which you could also sleep in (see and

      A value for money car hire website is

      You may not be able to take a hired car across the border however.

      You will need a reliable car that can handle some rough roads.

      Have you looked at for secondhand vehicles? They handle all the paperwork and act as the middleman providing vehicle roadworthy testing and protection from con artists posing as sellers and buyers etc. The only issue with selling a car through them is that it can take time as the car market is not very liquid at the moment. You can sell quickly through a dealer for a much lower price. Buying should not be a problem.

  2. Angel Pie

    What is the most economical car to run and maintain in South Africa?
    I want to buy a new car, but don’t know what is the most economical car to run and maintain as well as what is cheap to buy? Please help…

    • Sahil

      Try Horse Back Riding.

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