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What to do with your car at the end of its life

Every car you will ever own, no matter how much love and attention you give them, will eventually wear down to the point where you're only option is to rid of it. However, there are many different ways to go about this, many of which car owners won't even consider.

Sell it

Ok, we said we'd be suggesting things you might not have considered, but just because you don't value that once precious vehicle, it doesn't mean someone else won't be desperate for it. Car auctions may be worth a punt, and anyone looking for a project or spare parts might make you a good sale. More importantly, don't forget that there are plenty of young drivers who have just passed their test who'll be crying out for a cheap car that moves forwards and backwards, left and right.

If your car can't even manage that, there are plenty of businesses, some with quite annoying adverts that will give you a bit of money for it. It won't be much, but it might be cheaper than paying for the tow to the scrap yard.

Sell your car parts

Remove all items from the vehicle and try and sell them to at least gain back some of the money you lost. When you scrap your car, the scrappers are more than likely going to do the same thing anyway. There is plenty of extra pocket money to be had out of your car yet, and reselling on eBay, Gumtree, on local listings or even direct to garages or junk yards might work out really well for you.

Scrap it for charity

Scrapping your car isn't what it used to be. Less and less scrap yards are now paying for your scrap, and some will even charge you to take your car away. Paying for a service that's only going to make the company a profit might seem a little unfair, and there are other choices if you feel this way. Donating your vehicle to a scrap car charity is beneficial for a whole host of reasons. Not only will it net you a free pick up, but a high percentage of the profits made by the scrapping and selling will be going to great causes. You have to pay AND you can feel pretty fuzzy about the fact that you'll be helping other people with your donation? What's not to like about that.

As hard as it's going to be to break that bond with a car that's been such a loyal companion this whole time, at least now you have some idea of how to give it a good send off. Don't forget that as much as you've written it off as broken and defunct, it will still be of use to someone, whether it be an amateur mechanic looking for a new project, a new driver looking for their first ever car or a charity that can do great things with your donation.

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gumtree cars for sale

gumtree cars for sale

gumtree cars for sale
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4 Responses to Gumtree Cars For Sale

  1. Mo D

    why are cars in adelaide, south australia so cheap?? is this crazy talk??(more details inside)?
    i currently live in houston,tx. im relocating to the beautiful city of adelaide, australia this summer along with my family. So i was looking at prices of some cars and was surprised of how cheap they were. i mean, i was looking at this website called for adelaide and i saw cars like a Volvo S60 2006 that only costs 7000 aud. in america this costs atleast 1500 usd. i also a NISSAN PATROL ST GUIII 2003 at 8,900 aud in adelaide which is really fukin cheap. in america this car costs no less than 25,000 usd. are these prices legit and if so why are they so cheap. here are some links for some cars in adelaide:

    • Jimeeezzzzyyyyy

      They dont look very legit to me. But Im not sure I dont live in the outback mate lol

  2. Wolf

    Where to look for cars for sale online?
    so far i have autotrader, gumtree, ebay, sun classidieds. where else?

    (in the UK btw)

    • Max Headroom

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