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Japanese Cars In Durban

japanese cars in durban

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japanese vehicles for kenya russia and myanmar japanese cars in durban 394x236
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japanese cars in durban

japanese cars in durban

japanese cars in durban
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6 Responses to Japanese Cars In Durban

  1. kamikaze

    Why is South Africa so dangerous?
    South Africa is hosting the 2010 World Cup Games but it still has some of the highest violent crime rates in the world.

    Not only the large cities like Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, but also the smaller towns are suffering from its notorious crimes such as murders, rapes and mugging.

    Compared to East Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore where people can roam freely even at night, South Africa seems too dangerous and is not qualified enough to host the big sports games.

    Why does South Africa have much higher crime rates than the rest of the world?
    Does this mean South African people are violent and barbarous by nature?
    How come they can’t be as civilized and organized as Japanese people?

    • Mate

      The problem in this country (South Africa) is that there is a sense of entitlement that everyone has. Everyone feels they deserve something.

      Blacks feel they deserve the best jobs, cars, houses and other luxuries without actually earning them. They feel this way because of Apartheid. The problem is that being incompetent and promising things to all the other black followers of these people, is that they never deliver anything. So all the people who follow these black leaders do not get what they feel they are entitled to either and then get violent. They rape, mug, steal, murder.

      Everyone can say its about poverty and racial tension etc etc. There is racial tension throughout Africa. Which sub Saharan African country has NOT been colonised by whites? Very few if any. But nowhere else in Africa is the murder, rape and murder of white farmers so high. All the barbarism can be traced back to when the Voortrekkers were discovering a new land and trying to make a new life for themselves. Zulus constantly invaded their settlements, murdering, raping women, killing babies. Read up about the Zulu/Boer skirmishes and wars. In one instance the Zulus swung babies by their legs and smashed their heads on the wagons.

      GOOD LUCK WITH 2010 all you tourists… I feel sorry for all you who are going to get mugged! Criminals are licking their lips right now.

      Saying every country has it’s problems is a cop out. Combined, we have truly huge levels of all sorts of crimes. Combined together we must be top 3 in the world worst crime countries.

      Murder: #2 in the world behind Colombia
      Rape: #1 in the world – by a huge margin
      Drug offences: #4 in the world
      Assault: #1 in the world
      Kidnappings: #2 in the world
      Murders using firearms: #1 in the world

      PLEASE do not tell me every country has its problems. No country has THIS MANY problems.

      For all the people living as expats overseas and are SOuth African…WHY ARE YOU NOT LIVING HERE if you thinks ITS NOT SO BAD??? The people who have this opinion are the liberal ones who put the new government in place with their referendum vote and now live overseas where everything is rosey instead of staying here with their new government. DO not tell me Zuma is just as good as Mbeki.

      He has just employed a corrupt Bheki Cele as head of police. Zuma has NO formal education. He learnt his education from his friends who went to school while he looked after goats. He has 4 wives. He slept with an HIV positive woman who is not his wife, knowing she was positive. Then goes home to sleep with his other 4? Very good guy right? To all the expats, come back here in 5 – 10 years then like every other expat tell me how bad it has got. How everything has deteriorated. He was part of an arms deal that was highly corrupt. He got his friend Shabir Sheik out of jail who was also in the deal who was convicted. GO ZUMA. GO FIFA 2010

  2. Faith

    Japanese cars in Durban-South Africa?
    Does anyone have any useful websites for japanese cars in Durban apart from Or do you know how much a sarlet galaza/ toyota ceres/ Toyota marino would cost there?

    • rahima_as

      The best website is

  3. mateya

    who sells reliable second hand Japanese cars in Durban, South Africa?

    • TransgĂ©nico

      Have you ever seen a black Japanese?

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