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Mccarthy Call A Car

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Chevrolet 0% Louisville KY

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mccarthy call a car

mccarthy call a car

mccarthy call a car
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4 Responses to Mccarthy Call A Car

  1. I'm gonna start another riot

    Has anybody ever heard of anything like this ? 5 illegals arrested in alleged ‘animal sacrifice’ ?
    Has anybody ever heard of anything like this ?5 illegals arrested in alleged ‘animal sacrifice’ is this a common pratice in Mexico ? Five Santa Maria men were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly killing a chicken in what Santa Barbara County Sheriff officials called a “ritualistic animal sacrifice.”

    Authorities located the men at 3 p.m. after being dispatched to a farm near Dominion and Foxen Canyon roads on a trespassing call.

    The arresting officer, Deputy John McCarthy, told the Los Angeles Times he found numerous candles and a live chicken in the men’s car.

    McCarthy told a Times reporter that at one location on the farm he found shattered eggs, a bloody plastic bag, twine, a fan-like arrangement fashioned from brush and, below it, the head of a chicken.

    According to the story in the Times, McCarthy recognized the items from his dealings with past cases of animal sacrifice. The deputy told the Times the purpose of such rituals is either to heal the participants or harm their enemies.

    The men, ranging in age from 21 to 52, are all Mexican nationals. They were booked into county jail on suspicion of animal cruelty, trespassing and possession of false identification. The sheriff’s department statement says the men are being held without bail due to immigration-related concerns.

    • lowjoy

      It is time these people were told that we are now in the 21st Century and what they are doing went out with the Ark. They remind me of Cannibals.

  2. Kevin S

    Interesting lyrics – what do you think of them?
    This is a song by a British band called McCarthy, it’s called “Should the Bible Be Banned?”

    My name is Dave
    I killed my brother
    I whacked an axe through his head
    On the hottest day of the year
    My blood was boiling
    I said, “You’re dying”
    And so the blood flowed

    I’m in jail
    The press were eager to question me
    “How could you do such a thing?”

    My father hated me
    He always took my brother’s side
    For Christmas he would get a car
    And I’d be given 50p
    All alone in my room
    Just a Bible
    Of Cain and and Abel I’d read

    How my heart bled for Cain
    He had problems but God ignored them
    It made me so mad

    I’m in jail
    When the story broke
    Placards read
    “Now should the bible be banned?”

    I’m in jail
    When the story broke
    Placards read
    “Now should the bible be banned?”

    The Home Secretary is looking closely into it
    Could a copycat killer copy the Book of Genesis?

    Should the bible be banned
    To keep the peace?
    Should the bible be banned
    To keep the peace?

    • nemesis

      Interesting perspective.

      However it is a little inaccurate in its analogy – they are reading into the God-Cain relationship something which wasn’t there – we aren’t told that God hated Cain, or that Abel was His favourite (besides the fact that God wasn’t their father either – Adam was!).

      Also, bringing modern social culture into this – the song reinforces the modern culture of blame – “I did this because of what someone else did to me…” – or a copycat killing. At least Cain didn’t try to justify his actions – he (eventually) owned up and told God his deserved punishment – in fact he was quite miffed when God refused it!

      It’s difficult to admit that often, responsibility for our actions lies firmly with us. Unlike Cain, we don’t want to face consequences.

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