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Volkswagen Tiguan

volkswagen tiguan

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2012 volkswagen tiguan review autoblog volkswagen tiguan 628x417
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volkswagen tiguan

volkswagen tiguan

volkswagen tiguan
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10 Responses to Volkswagen Tiguan

  1. chuck

    What is the average cost of an all black car?
    I got a black volkswagen tiguan for my 16th birthday and I want to make it all black, but I do not know what it will cost me. I want the VW sign black, black rims, tinted windows, the black covering on the lights, etc. Thanks for the help

    • jim s

      You cant do the headlights, so it will not be all black. One can of VHT will do the tail lights and turn signals (no more than 3 coats), so that is $10, the windows will be about $250. Wheels can be from $500 to $1500 depending on your taste. I would powder coat the emblem, so figure another $30 roughly.

  2. daveo

    Should I buy a Volkswagen Tiguan or a Honda CRV?
    I’m torn between torn two comapct SUV’s. The 2012 Honda CRV and the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan.
    Both have everything I am looking for, safety, all wheel drive, just the right size. Which is the better vehicle? Just looking for some outside opinions. Thanks

    • corey

      I can’t say enough good things about the Nissan Rogue or Murano. Both get good gas mileage, drive like a car, have plenty of power, and have all the goodies you should expect for a reasonable price.

      The Subaru Forester as mentioned is another great option. if you live where snow is a huge possibility, a Subaru will do more in the snow than anything mentioned thusfar. The Subaru Forester is also pretty lightweight, and rather low slung, which makes it handle like a nimble car moreso than a lumbering SUV.

  3. kostaki

    Is the Volkswagen Tiguan ABT edition available for sale?
    Hi, I was looking and thinking of buying a Volkswagen Tiguan, and when I searched on google images a Tiguan ABT came up and looks really amazing. When I did some more research, the ABT comes with a better engine, etc.

    Do you think Volkswagen sells the ABT version? Or if not, do you think they can at least add options like a skirt, spoiler, etc to make it look like the ABT?


    • Amy

      VW and ABT are not the same company. The only way own an ABT Tiguan is to buy a Tiguan and then have ABT install the package you want.

      Also VW might have exterior add-ons for the Tiguan, but they will not have the same ones as the ABT Tiguan does. Again you would have to go through ABT for that.

  4. Anonymous-MD

    What is the song in the Volkswagen Tiguan commercial?
    I like the song in the Volkswagen Tiguan commercial and i’m wondering what song it is.

    • toilkenn

      the name of the song is “look for the changes in my life” by Human Music House..

  5. Adrian

    when is the best time to buy a 2013 volkswagen?
    I went to the car show last night and really fell in love with the new 2013 volkswagen tiguan. I was wondering when is the best time to buy so the interest is low and I can get it for cheaper

    • Macfan

      End of the month/year. Dealerships order cars from VW. The more they buy, the less they have to pay/car. A car dealer that has to sell 1000 cars, but is 50 cars short, is going to make an agressif price to get the cars sold.

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