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Vw Amarok Usa

vw amarok usa

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pickuptruckcomu002639s first drive review 2010 volkswagen amarok page1 vw amarok usa 560x350
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vw amarok usa

vw amarok usa

vw amarok usa
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2 Responses to Vw Amarok Usa

  1. Joe

    vw Amarok legal in usa?
    im interested in buying a vw amarok. money is not an issue are they legal to drive in the us?

    • PatEDSG

      Well its kind of confusing legality there.
      They are not imported here so their are not any crash test or fuel economy ratings on them

      You could have one imported here also, probably at significant cost (travel to Europe with the permits in place and buy one from a dealer, than ship it here) or their are dealers in Mexico that you could also probably get one from

      Their is a lot of red tape so you would probably want to get a lawyer who is familiar with import law and taxes that come with it

      Their is a lot to do it and it will be a big chunk of change but their is ways around everything so you could defiantly do it

      If you actually get one here, Kelly VW in Scranton Pa would love it if you made a stop by some day and let us check it out

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