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Vw Credit Union

vw credit union

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vw credit union

vw credit union

vw credit union
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10 Responses to Vw Credit Union

  1. CalEmt

    Can I transfer My VW Car loan to my Credit Union?
    I have a Loan from VW credit at 8.99 percent, which i think is a bit too high considering I put 8500 down on a 15,000 car. Is there any way I can lower the percentage? Could I also transfer the loan from VW Credit to My local credit union? I think they would take the loan since there is only 6500 left on the loan with a car worth around 13k?

    Any Ideas? Just trying to be as frugal as possible!


    • Use Your Noodle

      Depends on what percentage rate you would get with the credit union. Since you put such a large down payment down, you may be ok to refinance for a lower rate. Just make sure that rate is 2% or more lower than what you have now, and check your financing papers from VW and make sure there are no prepayment penalties.

  2. William V

    Where to find a Car Loan to buy out my lease?
    My car is leased through VW credit, my lease is up in 2 months and i am way over milage so I would like to purchase the car. Does anyone know of a good, reputable bank that will work with me to get the loan? My credit has taken a hit in the past 2.5 years… though everything is current now… Any help, Ideas?

    • Go with the flow

      Go to a credit union or two. (look in the phone book)
      They have the very best rates on car loans.
      If you don’t have credit unions in your area stick to small regional banks and local banks.
      They are still lending.
      If they turn you down – everyone else will – you will need a co-signer.


    How much to repair a dual clutch on a 2008 vw r32?
    how much to replace a worn dual clutch on a 2008 vw r32. I am not familiar with DSG transmission. Always owned a 6 speed. Is there any places that sell after market? Do the Credit union Mechanical breakdown cover worn clutch ??

    • djaca70

      Are you sure it is the clutch? There was a recall on the DSG transmission, you may want to get your VIN run at the dealer. Also, “mechanical breakdown” does not cover worn clutches since it is considered a wear and tear item. Look at your contract.

      Also, do not do this yourself, high ranking VW techs are the ones who can do it.

  4. LovinLife2659

    What happens if the car I am paying a loan on is totaled?
    About three weeks ago, a Ford F450 Comcast (grrrr!!!) truck hit my VW Jetta that I got a few months ago. I made a down payment on it and have been making monthly car payments on it since I got it. I’ve got at least 2 and a half years left of car payments and my car is now totaled (the other driver is completely at fault). Because Comcasts’ insurers are INCREDIBLY slow and have no interest in hurrying up the process of reimbursing me somehow, I’m just wondering if anyone knows how this usually works. Will the credit union take my car as collateral and make me pay off my loan immediately or will I be able to keep paying my current loan off and buy a new car with the check I get from Comcast’s insurance?

    • Bob S

      You will eventually get a check from your insurance company for your car. They will determine the book value and give you a check made out jointly to you AND your insurance company for that amount less your deductible. The amount of the check may not cover the amount that you still owe on your car loan. You will still be responsible for the remainder of your loan unless you purchased Gap Insurance which is unlikely. You should hopefully get the amount of your deductible back at some future time when (if) your insurance successfully recovers the money from his insurance company. Unfortunately, even if it is determined that the other driver was 100% at fault, this still could end up costing you money. Definitely request a rental car as someone suggested. Good luck.

  5. la_la_blue

    How do you go about refinancing a 2007 VW?
    What do I need to refinance my 2007 VW Rabbit? I had a 550 credit score when I first got the car, and now my score is in the 700′s. I am looking to get a better interest rate and maybe a shorter loan length, currently 7 years. What do I need to do?

    • Miss Motor Mouth

      In order to refinance successfully you will need to take a copy of your current loan terms to a bank or credit union and ask them if they can help you refinance your car. As long as you can show that you have made regular payments, no 30 day lates, have verifiable income and can provide a deposit history into a bank account, they will run a new credit report and be able to help you out. Make sure to take along any copies of statements that you have on record so that they can easily see your payment history.

      Don’t forget that insurance companies like State Farm can also finance your car!
      Good luck!

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