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Vw Minibus


A minibus is a convenient transport solution to a number of transport issues and many people use minibus hire Scotland to travel away for a birthday weekend, take friends and family away for a celebration or solve problems with getting friends to a stag weekend or hen do some distance away from home.Here at Harris Hire, we have a wide range of minibus hire Scotland options for people looking to head somewhere with a larger group of people.Our self drive minibus hire Scotland van can comfortably seat up to 15 people and is a popular minibus hire Scotland choice for people going to sporting events, weddings, engagement parties, stag parties, hen nights and other outings.Our minibus hire Scotland rates are the cheapest around and with prices for minibus hire Scotland over a weekend of around 180, our minibus hire Scotland options work out much cheaper between a group than heading off to a destination in separate cars or using public transport.As well as offering weekend minibus hire Scotland, we also offer competitive daily hire minibus hire Scotland rates and longer deals. Those heading off on a holiday with friends could choose our five day hire or seven day hire options, and these work out to be cost effective among groups using our minibus hire Scotland.Before using our minibus hire Scotland, it is worth drivers finding out if they have the right kind of driving licence entitlements to use minibus hire Scotland. Our friendly team has a wealth of experience in providing minibus hire Scotland, and if you are unsure about your entitlements, then give us a call and we can help you out.Our day, weekend, five day and seven day minibus hire Scotland options are our most popular deals, but those who need to use our minibus hire Scotland services for a trip abroad or for longer periods are encouraged to get in touch.We are happy to work with any minibus hire Scotland customer and we are open to hiring out our spacious minibus for other outings, so get in touch with us today.

vw minibus

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vw minibus

vw minibus

vw minibus
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10 Responses to Vw Minibus

  1. Red

    What is the make and model of this?
    What is the make and model of this?
    And where can I get one!! I just love them!

  2. Candice

    What is the difference between a VW bus and a VW minibus?
    My friend said there was a difference and I wasn’t really sure what it was.

  3. Notre1Dame

    what is the difference between the VW Transporter,Multi-Van and Caravelle?
    ..if there is a difference, which is the best, also would anyone recommend this type of van?

    • technical

      Hi they are all based on the transporter which is the panel van.
      How ever the Caravelle will have two windows on each side of the van and (like a minibus) it may have a rear bench seat (which can fold to make a bed) or two seperate rear seats (depending on original spec), it will then have a table and two seats that swivel to face front or rear along with a drives and passenger seat. Along with a second aircon unit and controls for the rear passengers.
      Multivans have a row of seats behind the driver level with the rear sliding door and a window on each side level with the seat. They will then normally have a bulk head between the seats and the rear of the van which you use to store tools equipment etc (hence multivan, van and people carrier)
      You can also get a minibus available in several versions and the California which is the factory built camper van.
      Only you can decide which is the best van for your needs mechanicaly they are all the same and to drive there isnt any real diferrence. Hope this helps kind regards Technical

  4. Abby Normelle

    Can I somehow bond the sole of a Birkenstock to patch a tire?
    My VW Minibus is disabled.

    • inthekitchen

      Don’t worry dude they wont start the righteous hacky sack session in the parking lot of the Phish concert without you.Just keep that finger up and maybe someone will make your day.

  5. Temomok

    How did hippies took care of the environment? What were there ideas?
    What did they did? or something? what they didnt like and what did they liked?

    • John R

      Well not everyone who considered themselves a hippie actually was one, a lot of folks were just there for the drugs.

      As for helping with the environment, a lot of folks set up mini-communities, growing fruits and vegetables with out the use of chemical insecticides. They also tended to carpool in highly fuel efficient VW minibuses, and removed themselves from highly industrious cities that caused pollution.

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